Checked And Balanced

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I’ve not always been a prints and patterns fan, in fact, I used to completely dread them. I was born a minimalist and plain colours were my thing. But the thing about style is; it’s a continuous process and so, what you’re into today might soon be forgotten or what you dread today might be your numero uno essential tomorrow. I thought prints and patterns were complicated. They selected colours, they sometimes weren’t appropriate for the occasion and all sorts of bla! 
But here I am; A prints and patterns lover. 
For this post, I’m doing this simple blue-teal-blue checked number one that I think is Amaaaaazing . It can pass for a shirt, a shirt dress, or a gown-if you belt it in the middle.  I love that you can pair with leggings or skinny denim, but I chose to be a show-off; flaunting my legs. I paired again with rock-studded shoes that give so much balance-I think I’ve said enough about these shoes already. Talk about Re-rocking an item. 
I hope that you guys love my patterned checked shirt dress and my balanced rock-studded shoes. 

Photography by : AyoFemi Photography (IG: @omo_harkin) 

How’s your weekend turning out? Remember to protect your energy, drink lots of water, Grind and Live. Please don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know what you think of this post. I promise this is the last you’ll see of the braids, the pictures were shot while I still had them on.
Kisses and Deuces;

Outfit Details

Shirt Dress and shoes :Miz Tobbie for Hawt closet
Sunnies and Bangles: ibk Aghedo (because that’s what friends are


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