Dare to Love You.

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Jibz is a strong girl. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not super woman, but then she’s got it all under control, or that’s how she likes to see it. She eats healthy, works out, works hard, studies hard at anything she’s curious about, listens to trap music and listens to her friends with rapt attention talk about their boyfriends-she’s a badass friend. She had issues of her own, but they were kept well under control. Trust Jibz not let anything bother her fly. 
She dresses good, in fact she was always the best dressed woman in a room. Also, that was how she liked to see things. Not that she even made comparisons, but to Jibz, it was always a matter of perspective. You see, Jibz isn’t bothered about putting up attitude as a defense to attitude, because she’s not affected by attitude. Her smile was so easy, it almost got you jealous. Jibz is a bossbabe and she doesn’t try to even hide that fact. Her snaps on snapchat were almost flawless they seem scripted, like she’d gotten an entire crew to fix her up. Brows weren’t perfect no, but you could tell they were on their way to perfection. Watching her rap along to Future’s Big Rings in traffic or watching her hang out with a couple of friends, you’d think she’d never been mediocre. That she’d never been a “waka-pass” in this movie called life. That she’d never been insecure. So wrong! She’d probably laugh out loud if you ever said it to her hearing.
This Jibz that only a few months (yes you read right, Months!) ago, couldn’t walk with her head high,  this Jibz that couldn’t voice her own opinions because she was so scared of being wrong, this same Jibz that only spoke to her mirror, this Jibz that her friends described as “err kinda weird” , this Jibz that feared to speak, to feel , to live. 
But then she woke up one morning, and without hesitation, murdered the old Jibz. It was a quick painless death, and the new Jibz didn’t even mourn her. She had a lot to do; too busy finding her self. Lucky her, the rebirth had happened on a Saturday, and it gave enough time to get rid of her entire wardrobe, leaving just a few pieces that just newly came in. Such Ugly Clothes, she had spat as she set fire to them. The following Monday, her friends at school almost didn’t recognize her. 
Someone actually said “Is Jibz attending an Audition in school Today?” 
And since then, Fabulous Jibz stayed on, she had no intentions of ever dying or letting the old Jibs in. Now she could even dream, and dream! She would never have dared.
Jibz has friends now, and she doesn’t take a lot of things personal. She’s human yes, but she’s learnt others are human too. She understands that not everyone is capable of the strength that she has grown, and so she’s quick to forgive. She’s not easy to offend though, don’t even dare. Jibz is bitchy enough to give back that negativity, but why waste precious time?!

•••And Derin too•••

Her bestie is Derin, a girl on her way to perfection too. Although Derin is dealing with her own demons, it’s clear to see that she’s a winner. The other day she sent a selfie of herself sitting naked on the bathroom floor to Jibz and Jibz had only shook her head and headed straight to her place to make sure she was fine. Big surprise when she found her dressed, make up done, purse in hand but barefoot, Derin was obviously heading out.
“I was coming over to yours” she said playfully, throwing back her head to laugh at the expression on her friends face.
“Are you okay?” Jibz knew better than to be worried for her bestie, this one was a winner. She just like to fight her own battles.
“Very fine, just a little hormonal imbalance” Derin gave her a hug. “Thanks for coming though”
The next minute they were chatting away on the couch.
Those two; survivors.

Jibz wasn’t born perfect, she became perfect. If only you would find the will to be what you are; perfect. 
You’d probably do more than Jibz has, if only you would dare. 

Photography: AyoFemi Photography (IG: @omo_harkin) 

There guys! I just wanted to motivate. I hope you enjoyed reading? Please don’t forget to let me know if you did in the comments box. And also, recommend this post to your girlfriends and others by sharing a link to this post. Can you tell I love Bestie stories? I just think there’s nothing stronger than women supporting each other instead of constantly trying to tear each other down. If only we women realized how much power lies in our unity, we’d never find a reason to tear anyone down. For the sake of clarification, the above story is purely an expression of my imagination and a subtle way of expressing my opinions on being a strong woman, as opposed to what most females might think. None of it ever happened, and any resemblance to real persons or situations are purely coincidental. Also, the pictures were shot to match the story theme. We literally acted it out, in our own little way. 
Girl in Red: Busola Ogunmoyero (IG: @buzygunzy)
Girl in Rose Gold Dress: Your Girl MONAE.

Outfit Details: 

Red dress: ShopMaju
Ankara Print Purse: Kiosk on my street, at A thousand, five hundred Naira only. 
Leopard print purse: Maju 
Rose Gold dress with fringe: Maju
Pearl choker necklace: Dorothy Perkins 
Black choker Necklace: Maju
Love bracelet: My Tailor. She sells everything, lol. 

Love and Love, 


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