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Photography by AyoFemi Photography (I.G: Omo_harkin)

I have found out over time that I can’t let my style go without actually trying to reflect my personality in it, and if you ask me, it’s a zero to 100 thing. Fashionably speaking, I’m an extreme minimalist or and extreme Romantic. Recently I’ve been wearing a lot of neutral tones; greys, blacks and whites, not to mention my latest obsession for pastel colours, dusty pink especially. But being a very open person also, it is no surprise to me that I’m actually starting to fall in between being a minimalist and a romantic. A touch of colour in between neutrals and a bland plain in between colours. This and that.
I was pretty much excited about shooting these pictures because the outfit presented me with the opportunity to identify with both my minimal and romantic parts (talk about eating your cake and having it) in this colourful leopard print dress, rock-studded shoes (that are basically not near basic), dusty pink purse and white framed sunnies, all from Haute Closet!, a boutique that is aimed at providing top fashion items for even less. And it is owned by Miss Tobiloba, an absolutely down to earth person, surprisingly so! I will be bringing you other looks with outfits from Haute Closet and boy are they fab! This outfit was particularly easy to style, I went easy on my accessories so that the entire look wasn’t too busy.
Notice my shoes? Notice they’re rock-studded? Notice they’re Grey? I love that they are flats, first! And Bold too! So much balance I can totally swagger in them. Like really, I would give directions pointing with them. They are so gangsta, and they provide a perfect contrast to the busy lady-like dress and purse. They’re perfect for stepping up a teeshirt and denim look. The best part of it all: I got them for 25% off the actual price from Haute Closet, I love you Miss Tobi! Got my purse and my wardrobe smiling.
I hope you like the pictures.
Today’s motivation: Don’t let anyone, not even yourself, stop your fab! Go out and consistently do you!
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Outfit details:
Neckpiece : gift from friend.
All other items were shopped from Haute’s Closet.
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  • Ijenna Osuji
    January 23, 2016

    I love your writing style! And this outfit is killer. I want those shoes!
    Mira La Belle blog

  • akinbee bolu
    January 30, 2016

    Good stuff again. Enlightenment on the fact that our dressing most times reflect our current mood or personality. I'd have loved to see ur braids rolled up above ur head.
    .think it'll be nice.