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Really Grinning: because I get to do this again.
That’s the kind of excitement you get when your writing is an unbridled thing and it’s a bliss when you do it, beautiful feeling. What am I saying? 
Amazing; how I can speak to someone at the beginning of your day and it sets the vibe for the entire day. Those kind of calls that get you hoping for the best of things and push you to be your personal best. Hi Yimika. If you’re reading this; Thanks again!
Golfing: something I did for the first time the day before. I thought it was boring until I had to play for Money. Perfect motivation.
Living: every moment truly. Life is too short not to. Not pretending, not holding back, not saying what I do not mean because I imagine it is what others want to hear, is living.
Met: with an amazing person today. Amazing because we had an enlightening conversation that actually was my first this year. Idle conversations bore me to death. So we spoke about books and history. And the train of our conversation led us to conclude that history isn’t quite the true story of events past. History is simply the Victor’s story, from the victor’s perspective. That motivated me to Stay the victor, or should I say inspired me to be, because I want to tell my own stories, as the victor. What version of your story do you want to be told as history? 
Want: To give more love Everyday. I guess my ultimate goal isn’t quite to be something, but instead to be someone that inspires and motivates. There’s so little love in the air it’s almost choking. I want to live every moment loving. For me; that’s true Joy. 
Current situation: My friend Annie is seeing a Bollywood movie where some woman has to prove her love to her new husband who thinks he’s done something wrong by being with her and that she’s pretending to love him. That’s all I got from a few glances at the t.v and from her explanations. We have argued about why a woman should prove her love to a man and she insists that it has to be. I am slightly angered, but I let it go. It’s just a movie after all, I conclude and silently pray that she sleeps off or something. Sorry Annie.
Hallelujah : Power just went out and Annie is Ouch-ing. I am happy, enough Bollywood and anti-feminist storylines. Oops, Power is back.
Browsing: through fashion and lifestyle magazines searching for what I can’t tell you. It’s amazing how much inspiration you find from reading about trends and photoshoots and fashion lines and blah! 
The list is endless really. Reading magazines are like one of my favorite thing to do, right after reading blogs. And I love the Perfume Ads with “lift here to experience” typed on the folded leaflet, just in case you catch me holding a magazine to my face; I’m actually sniffing. 
Learning: New amazing beauty hacks that actually work, ranging from makeup to skincare to haircare. I have been practicing on a daily (trying) and my favorite is the matte-finish-trick. I’ll share this one with you guys; 
It’s a simple trick on mattifying glossy lipsticks. All you need is white powder, preferably dusting powder. After applying your lipstick on, you place your finger with powder on it on your lips (do not rub across) and apply gradually until you have the desired effect. It absolutely works!
More life saving hacks later guys!
Crushing: on all kinds of Superbikes. There’s a special place in my heart for fast things, loud exhausts and monster accelerations. Those things are so sexy.  I totally want one in case anyone is trying to impress me. Lol.
Wearing: More grey, as I am in the pictures for this post. My pants are printed with camo-like patterns with grey undertones. I love them! Got them from Haute’s closet. Please refer to last post for more details on Haute’s closet.
Drinking: less coffee (near impossible feat) and more water. I think the importance of water can not be overemphasized. Water is life. 
Eating: more food now. And surprisingly so too. Yay!
Freedom: is my new favorite word. 
Plotting: my next photoshoot. New pictures soon y’all. 
Finally: I can say “MONAE on the beats”. That’s what makeup artists say now when they do someone’s makeup.
I did my girlfriends makeup simply by following my ownmakeup routine and I was shocked by the outcome. I wish I could share pictures so you guys get the hang of it. Boy! It was fine! 
Amused: by a whole lot. But topping the list is 50cent’s and Meek Mill’s “beef”. If you follow 50’s Instagram you can totally relate. I’m usually not interested in beef stories but this one couldn’t escape my notice, the videos are hilarious. 
Loving: the contrasting hair and eyebrow colour trend. So so hot, I’m seriously considering bleaching my hair.
It rained: Last week. I miss the rain but the lightening? I’m not sure. But rainy days are romantic. They make me crave some modern version of old school romance. I’m such a romantic.
Craving: velvet cake. 
Surprised: upon realizing how late it is. I’m becoming quite Nocturnal and now that I think about it, it’s not quite bad considering that I get distracted a lot during the day.
Hitting: the hay soon. 
Love, Deuces and Kisses;


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    January 26, 2016

    Feedback: Read a few, and "I like".
    Will have to read the others now. At least I'm getting you.