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So I know it looks like I abandoned my blog and disappeared, but No! I’m still right here. It might sound cliché if I say that I’m working (physically and mentally) hard to give my readers(future and present) very good content and something to always look forward to when they visit the blog but I MEAN IT. Initially I thought that all I had to do was get nice pictures and exactly mirror my thoughts on here and bam! But then the more I tried, the harder it got or so it seemed, until I realized that it was a personal thing. Yes, I realised i needed to work on myself first before I can come here and share with you guys. What kind of a blogger would I be if I came here and   shared with you what really wasn’t there. Like a mirage. No, that’s not me. I remember my new year post on IG, I toasted the year to being a better person, in all ramifications and I guess it pleased my creator to grant me my wish(yes I’m spiritual, no I’m not religious). So to cut the long story short, to say that I have changed would be an understatement, I am reborn. You might be reading this and wondering what it’s got to do with my writing, but I tell you, change is growth. It just depends on how you see it and address it. At first I didn’t welcome it even though I knew that the time had come, but then I read some books and I just let it go. No, I didn’t just breathe in and out…..I actually climbed a rooftop and screamed my lungs out. I was tired.
    I was carrying a lot of weight that wasn’t mine to bear; family weight, friend weight and all, and to make matters worse was the fear. I wanted to please everyone. In my own way I was playing the mother hen. And without even knowing it, this affected my creativity and self esteem. I was too busy with other people that I completely forgot about myself. Sounds impossible?!
I’m going to do a feature on change and how I embraced it later on the blog. But let’s get back on track;
About the blog,
Before the year runs out I’ll be posting on fashiontrends, style, bits of real life experiences that I’ve learnt from, book review, music and art, and something smashing hot and new; a diary series! You will be entertained!
HUGE PLUS: Recently I met with Mrs. Ada Nwalema : she runs a NGO called medical police. Sounds funny? Wait till you get the full gist from her when I do a personal feature on this woman. Her passion and doggedness got me interested and five minutes after talking to her I wanted to be a member of her team because she was solely concerned about the future generation; our generation. It is rare to see women who are inspired not by their own interests but by a passion to serve and a philosophy that was shaped by their own personal experiences. She has a mission and a vision and I’m proud to announce that I’m with her on this. More about MedicalPolice on the blog soon.
  So all that being said, I hope everyone(Nigerians) had a wonderful independence celebration and I also hope y’all are staying truly patriotic to the fatherland. On that note, say a prayer for Nigeria today. E go better, if you believe.
  While I tiptoe back to the kitchen to steal(it feels like stealing because I’m having too much already) almonds from the kitchen and continue writing for you lovelies, have an amaaaaaazing rest of the week. Shine on, and don’t let anyone lift your smile off you. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME. YES YOU…..
     Loving you always,


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  • Ella Seriki
    October 7, 2015

    Thanks for the words of encouragement… can't wait for more posts.