Short story: Dilemma and Solution.

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Then T-pain’s 5 o’clock in the morning came on. And so did the lights. Tolani Jacobs has no chill.
I squinted to look at my roommate with a slight look of anger on my face, but I wasn’t angry. Tola wakes me up every morning (actually, God does), or I would still be in bed till the first lecture began. She is the time conscious one. Me? Well, let’s just say I take like easy baye Molla(go and listen to this song by Femi Right here)
I said a quick prayer of thanks to the creator and headed to our bathroom to set my bladder free while Tola made the bed. What would I do without her? She’s the only proof I have that some people still make their beds in the morning. Good girl that she is.
“Thank God it’s not Monday o” I said remembering all the work I had done before. (People should get paid for going to school, really).
“What’s the difference, Tuesday is just Monday’s ugly sister” she said with a frown/smirk on her face.
Ouch! Not a good thing to hear 6:11am Tuesday morning, so if you know me well you know I’ll stop that negativity right there. I’m the optimist in this room(I’m also the cook).
“Madam, biko (ibo for please) be positive, whatever day it is, I’m having a great day and so are you”
She looked at me like she’d heard me say “kung Chao fu Ching tsoi”
(No, I don’t know any Japanese).
Then for dramatic effect, I added, slightly raising my voice-
“Today is going to be a great, reproductive and danger-free day In Jesus Name!”
“Ameeeeeen!” Her response was louder.
I smiled, that’s my religious roomie, talk about playing a monkey to catch a monkey.
“You should really be positive about everything that concerns you, it works”
“How is that going to stop Prof. Cow  from leering at my breasts when I go to submit my classmates’ assignments in his office and listen to him cheekily threaten to fail me if I don’t date him?” She said rolling her eyes and gesturing with her hands as if she was molding some imaginary image in the air.
I shouldn’t laugh but my shoulders began to shake and I had to cover my mouth with my palm to stop a full blown laughter.
“What is funny?” She asked with a straight face.
“Prof. Cow?, since when did people start to bear animal names?”
“Well, his name is Madu, and that is similar to Malu”
-Malu is Yoruba language for Cow.
I shook my head, Tola can be cute and goofy too.
“I hope you don’t call him that in school?”
“No, just in my head and with you”
“Well, I understand your frustrations and concerns, but you need to not be angry, so that you don’t react based on your anger but with your head thinking straight, and you can only do that by being positive”
“But how?”
“You know you can not possibly let him have his way, but you also realize that you can’t afford to let him be the reason you’re having an extra year”
“Lailai” she countered.
“So, be polite at least, and see it as nothing even though you’re always on your guard. You are a smart girl and soon Prof. Madu would respect that, especially when he sees he’s not getting at you enough to make you rude to him, You are in control, so you might as well believe it and act it. Okay?”
“Wow, I never saw it this way, you are right, Thanks a lot roommate, you’re the Bestest”
“Anything for you madam, now take a long breath iiiiiiin and oooouuut and let all that anger go, you don’t need it”.
She takes a long breath in and out and smiles.
“You’ll probably end up being a motivational speaker or a counsellor, you know” she said with her arms outstretched to give me a hug.
“What can I say, I am my mother’s daughter” I replied her leaning up to hug an almost 6 foot Tola.
“Gosh! We’re almost late! I hope we’ll both make our 7a.m lectures”
“I hope” I said as i scurried off to the kitchen to boil water for our bathe while Tola picked out outfits for herself and I.
So with that, I made us both a cup of coffee each, we had our baths and set for school. Even though Tola was in Biochemistry department and I, computer science department, we always left for school together, and got back home(home is where your bed is, even if it’s a self contain room and your bed and a reading table set is all the furniture you have) together. Bestie habits.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to let me know if you enjoyed my short story by leaving a comment and if otherwise, your opinions are welcome as well.
Love, Love and Love,
P.S: Even though it’s a Saturday today, this story was meant for a Tuesday to lift your spirits. I couldn’t bring myself to post without a picture at least, but as they say, use what you have. I hope it’s entertaining and serves the purpose it was intended for. Thanks and have a great great weekend!


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