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I have no idea what I was thinking when I styled this outfit. I remember trying to picture it once but I dispelled the possibility, concluding that even if I were to rock it, it wouldn’t go beyond the front door. But when Deji (photographer and friend) and I decided to do an impromptu shoot, I had to use it. I didn’t think it would work but I was curious as to how it would turn out on camera; a different perspective from mine.
I also remember changing into this outfit and taking forever to show up for the pictures to be taken, not because it took me hassles, but I guess I was shy. It’s hard to believe I can be shy right?
Back on course….yes about this outfit.
Upon seeing the pictures when they were done, I decided I wasn’t going to use pictures with this outfit without even giving it a thought. But now, as I scroll through my mail box, I find Deji’s Mail with attached pictures from the shoot. (Poor boy, his data was threatened)
 A picture of this outfit is the first I click on.
And it hits me; This is Niiice.
Like an epiphany.
I’m laughing out loud now, realizing that; that was a moment of undeniable truth.
So here we are.

For this outfit we have;
A grey-blue weirdo crop top paired with navy blue office pencil skirt and white sneakers. Repeat Guilty.
Plus: black purse, and gold brooch (that got missing that day,sadly) and gold link chained bangles (that are now essentials sorta). Repeat Guilty.
I love the unexpected-ness of this look. For me style is a way of showing the world who you are without saying a lot. And more stylish is she that is confident in herself, no matter how different you are.

This croptop/office-pencil-skirt/sneakers has contrasting pieces in it, breaking certain “fashion rules”. I went further to accessorize with gold link chainish bangles and nerd glasses for extra drama. I’m also wearing dark purple lip stain for a dark look.
Rule No.1, Always remain unpredictable.
This outfit is suitable for after-work hangouts wearing the same skirt you paired with a shirt earlier in the day, or for school, if you’re a student like me and your school is like mine. Haha
Like the pictures? I love them more in black and white.
I hope you have a great week start.
Thank you for your comments, it’s all I can hang on to sometimes (since checking stats have been proven to increase blood pressure, kidding). Mmmmwaah!
Kisses and Deuces,

Outfit details:
Crop Top: Kidnapped from a friend after she convinced me to no avail to buy mine at MR. Price.
Skirt: From … It’s been 2 years, I can’t even remember.
Sneakers: Gift from cousin.
Purse: Maju
Bangles: Boutique on my street
Eyewear:  kidnapped from a friend; that kidnapped it back.

Photo credit : AyoFemi Photography 
IG: @omo_harkin


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